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The first step is decide how far to go with the repair. In my case, one side came out cleanly. The other side required some work to remove. The front and rear formers were basically intact. I used pliers to break most of the other side former out, and then used a Dremel with a right angle drive and fiber cut-off wheel to clean up the area and remove the interlocking tabs.
The original parts were all interlocking. It isn't easy to duplicate in a repair, so I used the good side plate to get dimensions to make new side plates out of " Birch Ply. Trial fit and adjust as needed. The fit should slide, but w/o gaps. I used a forsner bit to cut some lightening holes. Instead of trying to put the aluminum angle back in place, I chose to use a hardwood block. I glued and screwed the side plates and then installed.
The first photo below shows the parts dry fitted. The next photo shows the part glued and clamped. The new Landing Gear Plate is made of ' Birch Ply with lightening holes. The plate was glued in place before the other epoxy cured. Two temporary screws are holding it in place. It required some pushing and adjusting get everything seated. I salvaged the front former and glued it in place.
Once cured, I added 1/16" sheeting to cover. The white is Red Devil Light Spackling to fill gaps. After drying, it is sand out finishing with 320 grit. That gives a smooth enough surface to cover. The landing gear was attached using (4) 1-1/4" #8 sheet metal screws. I've got 70+ flights on the repair with no problems.
Hope this doesn't happen to you, but if it does, it can be fixed! This took me about 6 hrs over 3 days.

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I was doing touch and goes and had a little bounce. The Landing Gear came out. The bounce wasn't all that bad, but you can see from the photos that one side plate was never properly glued into the structure. The carbon fiber gear usually cracks before busting structure. All the ARFs are put together with some form of hot melt adhesive. In this case, the adhesive was decorative. As James Duke would say, even Ray Charles could see that! It happens. I'm showing you how I made the fix.
By Walt Senour
How to Fix a Torn Out Landing Gear