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Doyle just picked this up and it's maiden flight was 19 December. Walt flew the first trim flight while I videoed. Then we buddy boxed with Doyle for the next two flights. The plane is a great, gentle flyer on 5S power. Not an acrobatic aircraft, it makes sense as a trainer, though at $399, it's not cheap.

It has a 2.1 (83.7 in) meter wingspan, weighs 4.5 kg (just under 10 lb). Power was sufficient for a decent loop, though rolls might be a little slow. The size of the aircraft is what makes it easier to fly. Easy to see, not effected as much with the wind, and it has a pretty glide to the runway on landing.
Cessna 150- Wikepedia
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A few photos and videos from the LARKS West Field.
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Carbon-Z Cessna 150 2.1m BNF Basic
Drone photo from the UK's Daily Mail
"The Cessna 150 is the fifth most produced civilian plane ever, with 23,839 aircraft produced."

Developed in the 1950's as a successor to the Cessna 140, the 150 and later the 152 became the mainstay for civilian flight training.

As part of the Army Flight Training Program for Army ROTC Cadets in the 70's, I was selected to take flying lessons in Broomfield, Colorado. The plane I learned to solo and later take my flight exam with was the 150.

It was a gentle flyer, easy to land, and even had room to sleep behind the seats. I flew into Colorado Springs as part of my solo cross-country. Weather held me up until the next day. I had just enough money to buy a Sunday Denver Post to use as a blanket. Recovered and made it home the next morning.

Cessna's successor to the 150 was the 152 in 1977, a year after my pilot's license was earned.

Click the link above for more info.
LARKS West Photos
September 2020 Club Minutes
Horizon Hobby
Currently, FAA registrations are good for three years. To check your expiration date and renew your registration, if needed, follow the detailed steps below, or follow along to a video walkthrough by clicking here. Step 1. Go to faadronezone.faa.gov. This is the only website that is legitimate. All other FAA Registration sites are scam sites.
FAA Renewal Process
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February 26-27, 2021
2021 Southeastern Model Show, The USA's largest remote control aviation swap meet. Over 1040 tables in three separate buildings. February 26-27, 2021 at the Georgia National Fairgrounds & Agricenter in Perry, GA.
Site: 401 Golden Isles Pkwy
          Perry, GA 31069
         ( 32.437605, -83.74782 )
Email: jcpjr@comsouth.net
Sponsor: Georgia Aircraft Modelers Association, Inc.
Phone: (478) 396-8731
2021 Southeastern Model Show
Class E Event (Non-Flying)-ID 10620
April 24, 2021
Come out and fly with us. We have a 600 x 100 ft Bermuda grass runway and power for e-flyers. Gates open @ 8am, lunch from Noon until the food runs out. $15 Pilots, $5 Spectators. For more info or call Tom @ 864-804-0035 or Darrel @ 864-423-3065.
Site: 1475 Roddy Rd,
         Campobello, SC, 29322-8513
         ( 35.075101, -82.161285 )
Sponsor: Campobello Flyers
Phone: (864) 804-0035
Campobello Flyers Spring Fly In
Class C: 10574
CD: James Parker
CD: Robert Babb
Gator RC
Call Us (407) 294-5699
Web (407) 294-0012
4814 North Orange Blossom Trail
Orlando, Florida 32810
Found this site through DuckDuckGo, looking for something a little different.

They have a line of smaller, almost Park Flyers, from a company marketing their planes under the name Airborne. Got me curious. They're out of Florida and have a retail store, with hours of operation and everything. Looks like they have a complete line of everything related to the hobby.
Multi-rotors, cars, boats, planes, and almost everything related to our hobby. Looks interesting and I think I'll be placing an order in the near future.

Only complaint I had was the website seemed a little sluggish, but that could have been my connection .
As noted above, this is a great flying plane, easy on the eyes and is a large aircraft that handles very well.

Looks like a great tricycle gear training type, just might not fit in everyone's budget.
Construction Project of the Month
Horizon's Carbon Z-Cessna 150
2021 LARKS Main Membership Application (PDF)
2021 LARKS East Membership Application (PDF)
2021 LARKS East Field Waiver (PDF)
October and November 2020 at the Field
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The January 2021 meeting will be held January 16th, 2021 at the LARKS West field. Meeting will start at 1 PM. Lunch will be served at 12 noon, donations will be accepted. If it freezes or snows (in SC???), we'll go for the 23rd.
Doyle breaking it down after a successful flight.

Coming LARKS Events

Join us on the second weekend of March 2021 for a Fun Fly and Swap meet. Charge $10 per table/trunk. (BYO Table). Food (BBQ) will be offered for a $7.00 donation. Be prepared! Dave has something special planned for lunch. Believe me, it will be worth the 7 bucks. More details to follow. Save your pennies....
Site: LARKS West Field
         1347 Cedar Creek Road
         Swansea, SC 29160
Email: paulb.616862@yahoo.com
Sponsor:Lexington Aircraft Radio Kontrol Society (LARKS)
Phone: (803) 615-8114
LARKS Swap Meet and Spring Fly In
(Event not given an AMA Code at this time)
CD: Paul Bergstrand
Postponed to a Future Date
The Awesome F22 Falling Leaf Manouevre, J-Turn & Tail Slides
FAA Makes LAANC Available at 133 Additional ATC Facilities on September 24, 2020
Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC)
50 size brushless outrunner with 60A ESC

Functional flaps and lights

Tricycle gear makes landings and take-offs easier. Shock-absorbing nose strut, wheels are large enough to handle short grass with ease.

Innovative hands-free servo connection system
FAS3X receiver with optional SAFE Select technology

All servos and linkages preinstalled

Easy to Assemble, no glue or tape required
PDF Manual
Assembly & Flight Review - E-Flite 2.1m Carbon-Z Cessna 150 Aerobat
Heavy RC Tank Battle! Huge Tank Explosion! Incredible Tiger and Abrams Tank Battle!
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Newsletter-November 2020
Postponed due to Coronovirus