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A couple of the guys brought this plane to my attention.

FliteTest and Trent Palmer have teamed up to create this interesting STOL offering. Looks like a great grass runway plane. (on backorder as of 1 Oct 2020)

Flite Test Freedom Fox PNP (1100 mm/1250 mm)
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A few photos and videos from the LARKS West Field.
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History of STOL Aircraft (Wikepedia)
Pam and her RC plane/boat
"A short takeoff and landing (STOL) aircraft has short runway requirements for takeoff and landing. Many STOL-designed aircraft also feature various arrangements for use on runways with harsh conditions (such as high altitude or ice). STOL aircraft, including those used in scheduled passenger airline operations, have also been operated from STOLport airfields which feature short runways."

One Definition:

"STOL (Short Take Off and Landing). STOL performance of an aircraft is the ability of aircraft to take off and clear a 50-foot obstruction in a distance of 1,500 feet from beginning the takeoff run. It must also be able to stop within 1,500 feet after crossing a 50-foot obstacle on landing."

from the Dictionary of Aeronautical Terms

Click the link above for more info.
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September 2020 Club Minutes
Flitetest.com (store)
• Interchangeable wingtips: The FT Freedom Fox comes with two sets of wing setups, allowing you to achieve maximum STOL performance or sportier high-speed flight performance.

• Functional Nav Lights: A proper set of navigation lights is critical to keep the backcountry fun going late into the evening.

• Functional bush wheels: A set of huge soft wheels are critical when you are touching down in the most unforgiving landing zones.

• Steerable tail wheel: When it comes to back country flying, being able to maneuver on the ground is just as important as being able to maneuver through the sky.
• Fully articulating landing gear: The key ingredients to a good bush plane are slow flight capabilities and a beefy landing gear. The FT Freedom Fox has them both!

• Powerful 1250kv motor

• 30 Amp ESC with 40 Amp Burst 2-3S LiPo

• All servos and linkages preinstalled

• Easy to Assemble, no glue or tape required
The AMA Government Affairs team continues advocating for a commonsense solution to Remote ID. The most recent effort AMA organized was a joint industry letter with EAA, AOPA, and Google’s sister company, Wing, urging the FAA to make essential changes to the proposed rule for Remote ID.
AMA Government Affairs Fall 2020 Update
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Great message seen on a backpack
November 7, 2020
Come join the Gooneybirds Nov 7, 2020 for a day of fun and fellowship. One of the best grass fields in the state. Good food and raffle. $20.00 landing fee includes lunch. $5.00 lunch for non-pilots. CD Robert Gainey 843-615-8114. Wayne McKay 843-992-9480
Site: 2600 Paper Mill Rd
          Florence, SC 29506
         ( 34.136944, -79.566666 )
Sponsor: Gooney Birds
Phone: (843) 615-8114
Gooney Birds Fall Fly In
Class C Event-ID 10620
December 11-12, 2020
All aircraft OK, 2.4 only. 150’ x 1200' grass runway, sun at your back, covered pavilion. Raffle and door prizes. $20 landing fee. Pilots meeting 9am. Dry camping by reservation, no hookups. Contact John Mellis for reservations/info @ 803-829-4242.
Site: 1422 Landsdowne Rd
        Bowman, SC, 29018
        ( 33.409315, -80.635035 )
Email: summerplace58@gmail.com
Sponsor: Bowman RC Flyers
Phone: (570) 856-2762
Bowman RC Flyers Fall Event
Class C Event-ID 9511
CD: Robert Gainey
CD: John Landolfi
Gator RC
PO Box 366
Algonquin, Illinois 60102
Hours: 9AM-5PM Mon-Fri CST
Originally started by Ron Chidgey from Pensacola, Florida (hence the name..), and mostly catered to pattern flyers. In 2014 it was resurrected from F3A Unlimited, and the name changed back to Gator RC.

They have branched out, expanded their line to include Warbirds, Jets, and Sport Planes. If you are looking for an alternative to the China manufactured planes, they have the Seagull brand, out of Vietnam. If you are also interested in non-foam scale offerings, these will certainly fit the bill.

Interested in high end turbine jets? You can find quite a few here, as well. Like so many other online resources, some stock is limited and others out of stock or on backorder, so check back often.
A couple of our club's EDF Jet enthusiasts recently bought the Freewing MiG-29 from Motion RC.

The jet seems to be a great flyer and it's an awesome sight flying down the runway on a low pass. The video to the right is Motion RC's construction instruction.

Them 'Ruskies can build some pretty jets!
Freewing MiG-29 Fulcrum Digital Camo Twin 80mm EDF Jet - PNP
Construction Project of the Month
Freewing MiG-29 "Fulcrum"
2021 LARKS Main Membership Application (PDF)
2021 LARKS East Membership Application (PDF)
2021 LARKS East Field Waiver (PDF)
September 2020 at the Field
Link of the Month Index
The October meeting has been cancelled. Next meeting will be November 14th, 2020 at the LARKS West field. Election of Officers is on the agenda.
This is a video of me building an
RC boat. It's 4 hrs long, but don't
worry. I've edited out the boring parts.
James getting ready for the MiG's maiden flight.
FMS Beaver

Coming LARKS Events

Join us on the second weekend of March 2021 for a Fun Fly and Swap meet. Charge $10 per table/trunk. (BYO Table). Food (BBQ) will be offered for a $7.00 donation. Be prepared! Dave has something special planned for lunch. Believe me, it will be worth the 7 bucks. More details to follow. Save your pennies....
Site: LARKS West Field
         1347 Cedar Creek Road
         Swansea, SC 29160
Email: paulb.616862@yahoo.com
Sponsor:Lexington Aircraft Radio Kontrol Society (LARKS)
Phone: (803) 615-8114
LARKS Swap Meet and Spring Fly In
(Event not given an AMA Code at this time)
CD: Paul Bergstrand
March 13, 2021
• LARKS RC September 2020- Part 2
• LARKS RC September 2020- Part 1
FAA Makes LAANC Available at 133 Additional ATC Facilities on September 24, 2020
Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC)
Newsletter-September 2020