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Lexington Area Radio Kontrol Society
AMA Charter # 3616
Dave Andersen-LARKS Webmaster.
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Assorted photos and Video from LARKS West Field January 2020
A Couple of Maiden Flights
P-51 and Havoc
Prop Planes at LARKS West in January
A Couple for Guys Named Don showing us how to fly the Big Extreme Flight Extra 300's
LARKS West -Tuesday Jan 28
 EDF RC Jets at LARKS West in January
LARKS West Sunday January 26, 2020
Includes a not so dramatic rescue of an F-16 from one of those pesky trees!
lw-01-2020-01.png lw-01-2020-02.png lw-01-2020-03.png lw-01-2020-05.png lw-01-2020-06.png lw-01-2020-07.png 022020-01--250.png 022020-02--250.png 022020-03--250.png 022020-04--250.png 022020-05--250.png 022020-06--250.png 022020-07--250.png 022020-08--250.png 022020-09--250.png 022020-10--250.png 022020-11--250.png 022020-12--250.png 022020-13--250.png 022020-14--250.png 022020-15--250.png 022020-16--250.png 022020-17--250.png 022020-18--250.png 022020-19--250.png 022020-20--250.png 022020-21--250.png 022020-22--250.png 022020-23--250.png 022020-24--250.png 022020-25--250.png 022020-26--250.png 022020-27--250.png 022020-28--250.png 022020-29--250.png 022020-30--250.png 022020-31--250.png 022020-32--250.png 022020-33--250.png 022020-34--250.png 022020-35--250.png 022020-36--250.png image30--250.png
Brad's Hanger Part 2
More of the Same
Sideshow of the photos below.
Video from February 2020
Brad's Hanger Part 1
Jets, Gyrocopter, and Prop Jobs
Assorted photos and Video from LARKS West Field February 2020
lw-01-2020-04.png lw-01-2020-08.png
Assorted photos and Video from LARKS West Field March 2020
img_0584_250.jpg img_0587_250.jpg img_0599_250.jpg img_0611_250.jpg img_0617_250.jpg img_0621_250.jpg img_0636_250.jpg img_0637_250.jpg img_0646_250.jpg img_0650_250.jpg img_0653_250.jpg img_0658_250.jpg img_0695_250.jpg
Will doing his 3-D thing at the LARKS West Field
LARKS West Video and Photo Archives-Page 3
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