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Probably not a good choice for your first EDF Jet, but the price is right (batteries are also much cheaper) and it is a blast to fly!

Available from Motion RC for under a hundred bucks, it includes everything but the battery, transmitter and receiver. I used a standard 6 channel receiver and placed the two aileron servos on separate channels.

The jet has landing gear that is optional, and I opted for the hand launch and belly landing on the grass next to the runway. It has been suggested that 4 layers of packing tape be applied to the bottom of the fuselage and I will follow that advice for future flights. Walt did the initial flight and trimming. When flying at full speed, it handles the wind fairly well, but when on a power off glide, it can be bumped around quite a bit in a 10 MPH wind. After all, this is a very light foam jet.

A word about the hand launch. After four launches that were hairy, to say the least, I found a couple of YouTube videos very helpful. This jet has a tendency to pitch up on hand launch and almost stall. This seems to be the result of Freewing installing some "cheater" air intakes on the bottom of the fuselage. Seems to suck in the air, causing the aforementioned pitch up problem. The key is gripping the jet fore of the wing area, a hard (toss) launch straight and level and hit the down elevator control slightly, ASAP! It will still pitch up, but this will hopefully prevent a stall. Once sufficient airspeed is attained, no problem. Helps to set the controls at low rates for takeoff.
December 2019
Motion RC
35 Second Hand Launch Video (YouTube)
Motion RC Review Video (YouTube)
Freewing F9F "Panther"
January 2020
Dynam Waco YMF-5