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Lexington Area Radio Kontrol Society
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Dave Andersen-LARKS Webmaster.
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LARKS January Meeting

Meeting Date: February 6, 2020
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Flight Deck Restaurant
                 109-A Old Chapin Rd
                  Lexington, SC 29072
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" In 2016 the FAA announced plans to remotely track unmanned aircraft. On December 26, 2019, the FAA published its proposed rule on remote identification in the Federal Register. This is a proposed rule, not a final rule. Please continue to monitor AMA communication because we will likely encourage members to participate in the rulemaking process to comment and shape the final rule."
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Probably not a good choice for your first EDF Jet, but the price is right (batteries are also much cheaper) and it is a blast to fly!

Available from Motion RC for under a hundred bucks, it includes everything but the battery, transmitter and receiver. I used a standard 6 channel receiver and placed the two aileron servos on separate channels.

The jet has landing gear that is optional, and I opted for the hand launch and belly landing on the grass next to the runway. It has been suggested that 4 layers of packing tape be applied to the bottom of the fuselage and I will follow that advice for future flights. Walt did the initial flight and trimming. Since, I have had three flights, so far.

A word about the hand launch. After four launches that were hairy, to say the least, I found a couple of YouTube videos very helpful. This jet has a tendency to pitch up on hand launch and almost stall. This seems to be the result of Freewing installing some "cheater" air intakes on the bottom of the fuselage. Seems to suck in the air, causing the aforementioned pitch up problem. The key is gripping the jet fore of the wing area, a hard (toss) launch straight and level and hit the down elevator control slightly, ASAP! It will still pitch up, but this will hopefully prevent a stall. Once sufficient airspeed is attained, no problem. Helps to set the controls at low rates for takeoff.
Freewing F9F "Panther"
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December, 2019 at the Field
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A few photos and videos from the LARKS West Field: December
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Motion RC
Grumman F9F Panther (Wikepedia)
2019 Bowman Fall Finale

LARKS Events

April 18, 2020
Class C Event-ID: 9348
LARKS Inagural Spring Fun Fly
LARKS West Field
1347 State Road S-32-45,
Swansea, SC 29160
( 33.681415,-81.24041)
LARKS is organizing its 1st Spring Fun Fly at the LARKS West field.
Event Flyer-html
March 20-21, 2020
Any size EDF Ducted Fan or Turbine powered aircraft welcome. Campers welcome, but no power or water hookups. Pilot fee $35, includes pilot dinner. Additional dinner available at $8.50. Event is "Rain or Shine".
CD Keith Alexander
Jason Jordan Jet Jam
Class C Event-ID 9537
Site: Site: 933 Massey Rd,
Piedmont, SC 29673
( 34.699617,-82.5927461)
Sponsor: Firetower Flyers
March 27-28, 2020
All aircraft OK, 2.4 only. 150 x 1200' grass runway, sun at your back, covered pavilion. Raffle and door prizes. $20 landing fee. Pilots meeting 9am. Dry camping by reservation, no hookups. Contact John Mellis for reservations/info @ 803-829-4242.@9am flying until 5pm .
Event Contact: John Landolfi
Phone: 570-856-2762
Bowman RC Flyers Spring Fling
Class C Event-ID 9511
Site: 1422 Landsdowne Rd,
Bowman, SC, 29018
 ( 33.409315, -80.635035 )
April 25, 2020
Come out and fly with us. We have a 600 x 100 ft Bermuda grass runway and power for e-flyers. Gates open @ 8am, lunch from Noon until the food runs out. $15 Pilots, $5 Spectators. For more info or call Tom @ 864-804-0035 or Darrel @ 864-423-3065.

CD: Robert Babb
Campobello Flyers Spring Fly In
Class C Event-ID 9467
Site: 1475 Roddy Rd, Campobello, SC, 29322 35.075101, -82.161285 )
Sponsor: Bowman RC Flyers
My Assistant, Zack
"The prototype Panther, piloted by test pilot Corky Meyer, first flew on 21 November 1947.[2] American engines available at the time included the Allison J33 and Westinghouse J34, but these were not considered sufficiently reliable,[3] so the Navy specified the imported Rolls-Royce Nene turbojet, which was also more powerful, at 5,000 lb (2,300 kg) of thrust. Production aircraft would have a Nene, built under license by Pratt & Whitney as the J42. Since there was insufficient space within the wings and fuselage for fuel for the thirsty jet, permanently mounted wingtip fuel tanks were added, which incidentally improved the fighter's rate of roll"

Check out the site (click the title above) for more information.
LARKS West Photos
December 2019 Club Minutes
Jets Part 1
The Bowman RC Club kicked off their first annual Fall Finale on 7 December. Weather turned out to be great and flying even better. Click the title above for over 30 minutes of video and over 60 photos from the event.
Come join us for some fun in the sunny skies of South Carolina. 20 dollars for pilot admission (meal included). Non-pilots may purchase lunch for 10 dollars that includes grilled meat, baked beans, soda and chips. Visitors welcome. Limited parking for RV's. Overnight camping OK for Friday night. No power or water hookups. No turbines. Registration starts at 0830.

Prizes for flyers and raffle for all attendees.
CD Walt Senour 912-223-0201
Sponsor: LARKS
Sponsor: Campobello Flyers
James' Jets - Part Deux
larks1204003.jpg lw_dec_2019-04-_250.jpg lw_dec_2019-06-_250.jpg
Tips on Throttle Linkage/Servo
Walt put together this informative piece on throttle servos and their linkage for you gas guys (of which I am soon to be..)

Click the title above for the PDF file.
Event Flyer- PDF
35 Second Hand Launch Video (YouTube)
AirMap Site
Apps for both iOS and Android platforms.
"AirMap informs pilots of rules they are following or may be violating with each flight plan. Get approved to fly in controlled airspace in seconds with automated airspace authorization."
AMA Podcast - Episode 16 - FAA Update with Government Affairs Director
FAA-Recreational Flyers & Modeler Community-Based Organizations
Newsletter-December 2019