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Lexington Area Radio Kontrol Society
AMA Charter # 3616
Modern Turf Sod Farm
   5925 Peach Orchard Rd
   Dalzell, SC 29040
   GPS: N34 03.355 W80 25.517
For many years, LARKS has had a deep community involvement, donating over $40,000 to various charities.
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LARKS Main Field (New Field)
LARKS East (Sod Farm)
1347 Cedar Creek Road,
Pelion, SC. 29123
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LARKS July Meeting

Meeting Date: July 11, 2019
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Flight Deck Restaurant
                 109-A Old Chapin Rd
                  Lexington, SC 29072
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We have been involved in introducing modeling to children of all ages, sending children to camp, doing flying demos at local schools, churches, and parks. We have also set up simulators and static displays at various locations as an educational experience to our community. We are always open to new ideas to promote our hobby to others in a safe way.
LARKS Mission Statement
To promote model aircraft building and flying as a family oriented hobby, to freely and openly share what we have collectively learned and experienced, and to provide an enjoyable, friendly and safe environment for our fellow hobbyists and guests.
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 (June 2019)


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Still time to renew your memberships!
Courtesy of the Drone Enthusiast Newsletter, I signed up for a new tech startup called FlyThere.

You can fly a drone from your computer or tablet remotely in places like the coast around Bali, Brazil, Argentina, Manila, Thailand and Lima, Peru. These destinations are just the beginning.

Cost is $7.50 per 5 minutes or you can subscribe and get a controller for your PC. The owner of the drone is your co-pilot and will get you out of any trouble
Flight from Thursday, May 16,2019
Black Horse Fieseler Fi156C Storch
Motion RC has expanded their line to include a few Balsa ARF's from Black Horse. This is not your usual foam model with all of the servos, etc, but a balsa and plywood model with quality covering.

A little on the expensive side, but it appears the detail is excellent and can be flown with a 35 cc gas or electric equivalent. Basic modeling skills are required.

Reviews for this model have just started coming in, but they are very positive. This is a large model, with a wingspan of 112 inches. Don't think it will fit in your Honda or Toyota. Might need a pickup with a shell for transport, even if you choose electric power.
Flight Instruction returns! Herb Dickerson and his crew are offering RC Flight Instruction (Free!) at LARKS East on weekends, weather permitting.
Flight Instruction
Remember Ron Lindler's Beaver that he sold via EBay?
Photo is from the new, proud owner.
Fieseler Fi 156 Storch-Wikipedia
Finally got it together. Was missing the decal sheet and rather than wait for a replacement, I decided to have some fun and make my own....

LARKS Events

LARKS West Photos
June 2019 at the Field
2019 Joe Nall Videos and Slideshows
Updated 5 July 2019
2019 Joe Nall
North American F-86 Sabre
Photos and Trim Flight
Muscle Coupe from Extreme Flight
Built before and during WWII, this German liaison aircraft (today we call it forward air control) was also produced in other countries into the 1950's for the private market. It had excellent STOL capabilities and a very low stall speed. It excelled on rough and uneven runways.
The Airmasters RC Club in Sebastian, Florida has a sense of humor when it comes to flight instruction !
LARKS Events
October 12, 2019
Class C Event-ID: 3139123
LARKS 23rd Annual Fall Float Float Fly
Location; end of Campground Road. Have fun on beautiful Lake Murray! Pilots meeting at 8:30am. Landing Fee of $20, includes lunch. Bring your water shoes.
Contact: Paul Bergstrand
Sponsor: Lexington Aircraft Radio Kontrol Society (LARKS)
Location: Campground Rd, Gilbert, SC, 29054 ( 34.047181, -81.400816 )

Local Events

July 22, 2019
Come out and fly with us. We have a 600 x 100 ft Bermuda grass runway and power for e-flyers. Gates open at 8am, lunch starts at noon til the food runs out. $15 pilots, $5 spectators. Additional info call Tim @ 828-388-0279 or Tom @ 854-804-0035
Campobello Summer Fly-In
Class C Event-ID 6857
Site: 1475 Roddy Rd, Campobello, SC, 29322-8513 ( 35.075101, -82.161285 )
Robert Babb CD PH: 864.814.2326
Sponsor: Campobello Flyers
Click for YouTube demonstration.
You need to be at least 13 to participate and you should have a fast Internet connection. It is also recommended that you have a headset with microphone (24 bucks from Amazon). The video is streamed to you with almost zero latency. Video quality is limited (don't expect 4K). My headset is due Jul 8, so stay tuned!
Photos taken by users
Black Horse Model
Motion RC
A few photos and videos from the LARKS West Field: June 2019.
July 20,2019
Landing fee $10 includes pilot lunch. Additional lunches $5
1000' runway w/ electricity for charging.
Water available.
BRRC Summer Fun Fly
Class C Event-ID 8326
190 Owens St, Piedmont, SC, 29673 ( 34.681953, -82.434925 )
George Simpson CD PH: 864-525-9260
Sponsor: Blue Ridge Radio Control
Wayne York has a new (used) plane: He picked up a blue Kangke Monocoupe 96 inch wingspan and 61 inch fuselage. Weight is14.5 pounds. Covered with Oracover fabric.
Wayne York's Monocoupe
Powered by a Zenoah G 38 (2.3 cu. in.) gas engine for power . It will turn an 18 x 10 prop at 7100 to 7400 rpm
Kangke ARF Company
Newsletter-June 2019