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Nall in the Fall-2018
September 25, 2018
This was the first annual Nall in the Fall event, replacing E-Week from previous years. It looked to be a smaller version of the spring Joe Nall, held annually at the Triple Tree Aerodrome. Attendance was a fraction of this spring's Joe Nall.

Noted vendors at the event that Tuesday were Extreme Flight, Dymond, Hobby King, and Motion RC. Other smaller venders were in attendance and many of the tents, such as an area for Horizon Hobby, were empty. Maybe they'd be there later in the week.

I chose to attend that Tuesday, because the Weather Channel was predicting thunder storms for the rest of the week. James and Walt showed up a few hours after I had arrived.

Below are a few photos from the event. The early morning had a very low cloud cover and little sunlight. Click on the thumbnail for 1024 size image.

nf-01_250.jpg nf-02_250.jpg nf-06_250.jpg nf-09-250.jpg nf-18-250.jpg nf-19-250.jpg nf-28-250.jpg nf-32-250.jpg nf-03_250.jpg nf-10-250.jpg nf-24-250.jpg nf-25-250.jpg nf-36-250.jpg nf-37-250.jpg nf-43-250.jpg nf-08-250.jpg nf-11-250.jpg nf-15-250.jpg nf-16-250.jpg nf-21-250.jpg nf-21a-250.jpg nf-21b-250.jpg nf-22-250.jpg nf-23-250.jpg nf-41-250.jpg nf-42-250.jpg nf-04_250.jpg nf-05_250.jpg nf-07_250.jpg nf-20-250.jpg nf-27-250.jpg nf-30-250.jpg nf-45-250.jpg nf-13-250.jpg nf-44-250.jpg nf-26-250.jpg nf-50-250.jpg nf-51-250.jpg nf-53-250.jpg nf-55-250.jpg nf-56-250.jpg nf-57-250.jpg nf-58-250.jpg nf-59-250.jpg nf-60-250.jpg nf-61-250.jpg
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