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Joe Nall- Sunday
May 13, 2018
joe_nall-2018-005_250.jpg joe_nall-2018-142_250.jpg joe_nall-2018-169_250.jpg joe_nall-2018-202_250.jpg joe_nall-2018-218_250.jpg joe_nall-2018-247_250.jpg joe_nall-2018-250_250.jpg joe_nall-2018-296_250.jpg joe_nall-2018-322_250.jpg joe_nall-2018-368_250.jpg joe_nall-2018-458_250.jpg joe_nall-2018-489_250.jpg joe_nall-2018-491_250.jpg joe_nall-2018-493_250.jpg joe_nall-2018-498_250.jpg joe_nall-2018-504_250.jpg joe_nall-2018-507_250.jpg joe_nall-2018-508_250.jpg joe_nall-2018-709_250.jpg joe_nall-2018-715_250.jpg
Photos from The Nall
The Weather Channel predicted 4-5 inches of rain over Tuesday through the weekend. Instead of going my usual Wednesday and Thursday, I got permission from the wife to go on Mother's day (it helped that we celebrated with my sons on Saturday).

Looks like a great decision in hindsight, as they canceled everything after Monday and asked everyone to vacate by noon, Tuesday.

Sunday was a great day, weather wise. Sunny with little or no wind, though it was a bit warm. Lots of activity on the flightline and on the pond behind the main field. I did get a short visit to the electric line and the Motion RC booth, but the majority of my time was spent taking photos from the main field. The following five pages are thumbnails of those images ( I whittled the number down from the initial 720 photos from the day), grouped by category. Click the images for 1024 size images and the links below to the various category pages. Each page will also have a video slide show (4K sized images) and this page will have a PowerPoint slide show (1080P) with most of the photos displayed for download. Some of the photos appear in multiple categories.
Power Point Presentation - 2018
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Power Point Presentation - 2018 (1080 P Video format)
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