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64th Annual Toledo R/C Expo
April 6-9, 2018
This was my first visit to the Toledo show, though I have followed it for over 40 years in the various RC publications. Some there claimed it was getting smaller, but to a first timer, it was immense, awesome, and humming!

Below are about 10% of the photos I took with my iPhone and IPad Mini............ Click each photo below for 1024 size with commentary.
toledo-00_250.jpg Non-Military Sport Scale Plane-First Place Land Vehicle-First Place Best in Show-1st Place, Peoples Choice-1sty Place, Designer Scale-1st Place toledo-04_250.jpg FPV Multi Rotor/Fixed Wing-First Place Military Sport Scale Plane-1st Place Jet Plane-2nd Place toledo-08_250.jpg Sport Plane-1st Place Sport Plane-3rd Place toledo-11_250.jpg toledo-12_250.jpg toledo-13_250.jpg toledo-14_250.jpg toledo-15_250.jpg Competition Boat-1st Place Helicopter-2nd Place Helicopter-1st Place Pleasure Boat-1st Place Jet Plane-1st Place toledo-23_250.jpg toledo-24_250.jpg Military Sport Plane-2nd Place toledo-26_250.jpg toledo-27_250.jpg toledo-28_250.jpg toledo-29_250.jpg Aerobatic Plane-2nd Place Non-Military Sport Plane-2nd Place toledo-22_250.jpg Designer Scale Plane-2nd Place toledo-19_250.jpg
Click to Play Slide Show Video
Presentation (1080p)
2018 Model Competition Winners