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Giant Scale Fly-in-Eutawville 2018
eutawville-1_250.jpg eutawville-2_800_250.jpg eutawville-3_800_250.jpg eutawville-4_800_250.jpg eutawville-5_800_250.jpg eutawville-6_800_250.jpg eutawville-7_800_250.jpg eutawville-8_800_250.jpg eutawville-9_800_250.jpg eutawville-10_800_250.jpg eutawville-11_800_250.jpg eutawville-12_800_250.jpg
February 10,2018
The Weather was foggy early in the day, but as the fog lifted, mother nature left us with some good, though overcast, flying weather for most of the day.

Great flying machines danced in the sky. WWI, WWII, Jets, and other Scale Aircraft leapt into the air and, at least for as long as I was there, everything came back in the same number of pieces (except for an errant wheel pant on one flight).

Impressive machines and pilots!