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October 14, 2017 Float Fly on Lake Murray, SC
2017 LARKS Float Fly
Thirty two pilots registered for this year's event. A great pilot's prize, an E-Flite Timber, was awarded as well as a raffle for some great prizes donated by Joel at CJ's Hobby Shop.
E-Flite Timber
This year's event saw float flyers of all sizes and power plants. We had a couple of small field electrics flying off the grass and a Phantom P4 getting some shots from above. Large gas to small electric, there was some great flying out there, with only a few mishaps. Pam Bergstrand was our water rescue resource, Thanks, Pam!
Maybe it wasn't the best weather for photos, but the wind calmed to 1-2 mph, there was just enough chop to help the planes lift off the lake, and the temperatures stayed in the 70's for most of the event. This might have been the best flying weather at the Float Fly for many years.
Click thumbnails for ~800 X ~600 photos.
2017-float_fly-250-img_1534.jpg 2017-float_fly-250-img_1535.jpg 2017-float_fly-250-img_1543.jpg 2017-float_fly-250-img_1550.jpg 2017-float_fly-250-img_1551.jpg 2017-float_fly-250-img_1553.jpg 2017-float_fly-250-img_1566.jpg 2017-float_fly-250-img_1595.jpg 2017-float_fly-250-img_7335.jpg 2017-float_fly-250-img_7336.jpg 2017-float_fly-250-img_7338.jpg 2017-float_fly-250-img_7339.jpg 2017-float_fly-250-img_7340.jpg 2017-float_fly-250-img_7341.jpg 2017-float_fly-250-img_7344.jpg 2017-float_fly-250-img_7346.jpg 2017-float_fly-250-img_7353.jpg 2017-float_fly-250-img_7355.jpg 2017-float_fly-250-img_7358.jpg 2017-float_fly-250-img_7362.jpg larks1151001.jpg 2017-float_fly-250-img_7364.jpg 2017-float_fly-250-img_7365.jpg 2017-float_fly-250-img_7367.jpg 2017-float_fly-250-img_7371.jpg 2017-float_fly-250-img_7373.jpg 2017-float_fly-250-img_7378.jpg 2017-float_fly-250-img_7381.jpg 2017-float_fly-250-img_7382.jpg 2017-float_fly-250-img_7383.jpg 2017-float_fly-250-img_7384.jpg 2017-float_fly-250-img_7391.jpg 2017-float_fly-250-img_7392.jpg 2017-float_fly-250-img_7392_1.jpg 2017-float_fly-250-img_7395.jpg 2017-float_fly-250-img_7401.jpg 2017-float_fly-250-img_7406.jpg 2017-float_fly-250-img_7417.jpg 2017-float_fly-250-img_7420.jpg 2017-float_fly-250-img_1567.jpg 2017-float_fly-250-img_7438.jpg 2017-float_fly-250-img_7441.jpg 2017-float_fly-250-img_7452.jpg 2017-float_fly-250-img_7458.jpg 2017-float_fly-250-img_7462.jpg