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E-Week at the Triple Tree

Modern Turf Sod Farm
   5925 Peach Orchard Rd
   Dalzell, SC 29040
   GPS: N34 03.355 W80 25.517
For many years, LARKS has had a deep community involvement, donating over $40,000 to various charities.
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LARKS Main Field (New Field)
LARKS East (Sod Farm)
1347 Cedar Creek Road,
Pelion, SC. 29123
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Club Meetings
LARKS November Meeting

Meeting Date: Thursday, November 2, 2017
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Flight Deck Restaurant
                 109-A Old Chapin Rd
                  Lexington, SC 29072
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Plane of the Month (October 6, 2017)

It's that time of year again. Time to renew the AMA license.
It's also time to renew your LARKS membership as well:
Dave Andersen-LARKS Webmaster.
AMA News
LARKS Policies and Applications
We have been involved in introducing modeling to children of all ages, sending children to camp, doing flying demos at local schools, churches, and parks. We have also set up simulators and static displays at various locations as an educational experience to our community. We are always open to new ideas to promote our hobby to others in a safe way.
LARKS Mission Statement
To promote model aircraft building and flying as a family oriented hobby, to freely and openly share what we have collectively learned and experienced, and to provide an enjoyable, friendly and safe environment for our fellow hobbyists and guests.
Community Involvement
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Past Newsletter Index
In case you missed one of the past newsletters, we now have an index of all the past newsletters since I took over as webmaster.....
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AMA District V News (including SC)
You Tube Video Advice on Take-off and Landing on Water
Comparison of Connectors
In searching for some data suggesting the size and types of battery/ESC connectors, I came across a great, though dated, table.
AMA Model Aviation Plans
This guy will take-off and land on the water several times, showing good technique off the water.

Some of the comments seem aimed at beginners, but the advice seems sound.
A little too much wind noise, but not enough to ruin the video
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LARKS Events
Other Upcoming Events in South Carolina and the Southeast Region
October Meeting
Government Relations Update –Sep 29, 2017
October 14, 2017
Sanction #17/1178. At the end of the Campground Rd. Regstration @ 8:30am. $20 landing fee includes lunch. Help us support Harvest Hope Food Bank.
Pilot's prize will be one E-flite Timber! See below.
21st Annual Float Fly
Site: Rawls Point On Lake Murray, Gilbert,SC
Sponsor: Lexington Aircraft Radio Kontrol Society (LARKS)
Paul Bergstrand CD PH: 803.582.8298
Multiplex's Solius is a 85 inch foam (white Elapor with orange and gray accents) electric powered glider, complete with motor, a 40 Amp BEC, and is receiver ready. It has a folding prop and a 44 mm wheel for landing.

It requires a 6 channel radio and has a two piece wing to ease transportation. Built for electric power the craft weighs only 51 oz.

Since construction is not Styrofoam, only medium CA glue used with an activator is recommended.
At the October meeting we discussed the upcoming Float Fly, overnight camping and responsibilities.

A reminder: it's time for the election of club officers. Come to the meeting November 2nd for elections.

Scott Stout is our newest member. Welcome Scott!!

Finally, on Saturday the 4th of November, we will celebrate the Grand Opening of the new LARKS West field in Pelion, Come for lunch and the ribbon cutting, stay for the flying!
Unfortunately, the table was in German. I have done my best, with the help of Mr. Google, to translate the document into English.
Connector Article (PDF)
East Field Waiver
LARKS East Membership
LARKS Main Membership Application
AMA Membership Renewal
Comparison of RC "Lost Aircraft" Trackers
Happens to the best of us. How do you find one that's lost it's way??????

Comparison of four different methods to set you in the right direction.

Bluetooth, cellular, directional signal, and a noisy alarm....
Click the link above
love_of_rc_250.png multiplex_solius_glider_kit_85_250.png
Tower Hobbies
LARKS Main Field (New Field)

Member Spotlight- Jim Fender
Jim has been a LARKS and AMA member for the past 18+ years.

As you can see from the photo to the left, he's now into really GIANT planes

Jim also loves his float planes and you should see him at the Float Fly this month.

October 19-21, 2017
Sanction #17/1767. Jet friendly 80x2800' smooth grass runway, open flying space. Pre-paid parking spots available with 30A power service. Free wifi. Rv's and campers welcome. Clubhouse with shower. Tent rental available. Hangar for overnight storage.
Tiger Meet 2017
Site: Flying Tigers RC Club Field, Scranton,SC
Sponsor: Flying Tigers R/C Club, Inc.
Anthony Turner CD PH: 843-664-1064
October 21-22, 2017
Sanction #17/402. Events; 401-404, 406 (JSO). Come and enjoy the Myrtle Beach area! Weather in Octover is usually good. Site open for flying on Friday, Oct 20th. Hook ups not available but you can park overnight on the site.
Grean Fall Pattern Classic
Site: Green Sea Airport, 3333 Mount Olive Church Road, Green Sea, SC
Sponsor: Coastal Aeromodelers
George Asteris CD PH: 856.524.1941
October 21, 2017
Sanction #17/527. 90" Mono and 60" Biplane and 1/4 scale 2.4 or 72mhz. Covered pavilion with electrical outlets for charging. Clean restrooms. Overnight camping and RV's allowed, no hook ups. Landing fee $15 includes lunch. Reg 8am, pilots briefing 9am.
Firetower Giant Scale Memorial Fly In
Site: 933 Massey Rd, Piedmont, SC
Sponsor: Firetower Flyers
Joseph Vaughn CD PH: 864.859.2788
Newsletter-October 2017