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LARKS Float Fly - 2016
October 29, 2016
This year, we had to move the event forward by 3 weeks due to the weather from Hurricane Matthew. The event on Saturday, the 29th occurred during the best weather we had seen at the lake in years, a sharp contrast to the devastation wrought by Hurricane Matthew! Mild temperatures, clear skies, light wind, and just enough chop in the water to make take offs practically effortless. Can't wait until next year!

Here are a few photos taken at the the event: (click thumbnails for 1024 size image)

250_ff16_float_fly-21.jpg 250_ff16_float_fly-01.jpg 250_ff16_float_fly-02.jpg 250_ff16_float_fly-03.jpg 250_ff16_float_fly-04.jpg 250_ff16_float_fly-05.jpg 250_ff16_float_fly-06.jpg 250_ff16_float_fly-07.jpg 250_ff16_float_fly-08.jpg 250_ff16_float_fly-09.jpg 250_ff16_float_fly-11.jpg 250_ff16_float_fly-12.jpg 250_ff16_float_fly-13.jpg 250_ff16_float_fly-14.jpg 250_ff16_float_fly-15.jpg 250_ff16_float_fly-16.jpg 250_ff16_float_fly-17.jpg 250_ff16_float_fly-18.jpg 250_ff16_float_fly-19.jpg 250_ff16_float_fly-20.jpg
Beautiful boats
James and Will flying off the grass
Small and smaller
Glow powered floats
Beautiful Cub!
Setting the table
Even better looking on the water
 Another great flying Cub
Smooth water landing
Sig Rascal on floats
Beaver and Icon
 Will doin' his 3D thang!
Just waitin' our turn
Prepping for flight
 Someone's not flying this day!
James to the rescue
 Raffle prizes
Maybe this pilot's prize makes up for the dunking!