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Hobby Shop of the Month-CJ's Hobby Shop, Lake City, SC
CJ's has been a LARKS Sponsor for years. They are located on 205 N. Ron McNair Blvd., Lake City. Many LARKS members have gotten their start in the hobby from Joel. My first e-Flite motor and battery setup came from CJ's for my Sig Kadet Senior Sportster, as well as much of my radio gear.

It was Joel who got me started with Anderson Power Pole connectors, which connect most of the power systems in my fleet. He gave me instruction on how to use them and took the time to explain the merits of the system.

Their offerings include Futaba, DA, JR, Spektrum, Aeroworks, Great Planes, Thunder Power, E-Flite, and Hanger-9 products to name a few. He's also got a good supply of land and water vehicles. They even ship to your location.
Hours are 9 AM to 5:30 PM Monday-Friday. Saturday is 9AM to 1PM .
Contact him through his Facebook page.
Phone is (843) 687-5665
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