The Tile is a small (approximately 1 square inch in diameter), Bluetooth device that you can place anywhere. Once linked to your phone, it will help you locate any missing device. Place it on your key ring and you can use your phone to locate them in the house by activating the Tile app. It puts out a fairly high frequency sound that my good ears can hear from 150 feet.

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Modern Turf Sod Farm
   5925 Peach Orchard Rd
   Dalzell, SC 29040
   GPS: N34 03.355 W80 25.517
For many years, LARKS has had a deep community involvement, donating over $40,000 to various charities.
Daylight Savings Time is here!. RC Pilot flight training every Tuesday, starting at 4PM at LARKS West Field. Visitors are welcome!

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LARKS Main Field (Larks West)
LARKS East (Sod Farm)
1800 Ben Franklin Rd
     Leesville, SC 29070
     GPS: N 33 49.151 W 81 24.580
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Larks June Meeting
Meeting Date: Thursday June 2nd, 2016
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Flight Deck Restaurant
                 109-A Old Chapin Rd
                  Lexington, SC 29072
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 Plane of the Week (May 5, 2016)
The Senate version of the FAA reauthorization bill is rather interesting. It requires those of us who build models at home meet FAA design and productions standards and requires AMA members 13 and above take an FAA safety test and carry proof of passing the exam when flying.

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Dave Andersen-LARKS Webmaster.
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We have been involved in introducing modeling to children of all ages, sending children to camp, doing flying demos at local schools, churches, and parks. We have also set up simulators and static displays at various locations as an educational experience to our community. We are always open to new ideas to promote our hobby to others in a safe way.
Mike Gill is the Club President for 2016
My all time favorite War Bird. Lockheed P-38. Available this month!
LARKS Mission Statement
To promote model aircraft building and flying as a family oriented hobby, to freely and openly share what we have collectively learned and experienced, and to provide an enjoyable, friendly and safe environment for our fellow hobbyists and guests.
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Plane of the Week
Motion RC
Update on Dave's Blade 350-QX3
YouTube video of a cool Radio Controlled FPV Mower. He can mow the lawn from comfort of his porch!
RoboMow FPV Radio Controlled Lawn Mower
LARKS Events for 2016
May 28, 2016
Fly for Scouts, fly on a beautiful 400 acre sod farm. 9am until 4pm, lunch included in pilots fee of $20. Raffle tickets will be sold on site. 100 percent of proceeds donated to local Cub Scouts pack 303.....all RC aircraft invited.
Fly for Scouts Benefit
Site: Modern Turf Farm, Rembert, SC
Sponsor: LARKS
Steve Livingston CD PH: 803 315-6975
May 7-14, 2016
Largest outdoor RC event of the year! Visit: Sanction #16/184. Radios must be 2.4GHZ. Five flight lines. BBQ dinner. This year they have an FPV Course! Check website (click on Joe Nall above) for pricing and updates.
Joe Nall
Site: 330 Mary Hanna Rd., Woodruff, SC
Michael Gregory CD PH: 864-884-4761
Stage and the Tatini's Event on April 22, 2016. Fantastic event! Great music from the Root Doctors (lead singer was terrific!).
Flightline RC P-38 from Motion RC
New!!!!!!! Ron Lindler is selling a Super Fly Delta Wing for the incredible price of $0.00. Includes motor, ESC, and 8 X 6 prop.
Ron's also got a Pro-Peak Power supply for sale.-$20.00

Classified Ad
Ron's email
May 13-14, 2016
Sanction #16/352. Location; Triple Tree Aerodrome. Events; 323-326 (JSO). We have a new name, but the same great event times 3! Two days of C/L stunt competition. Friday-practice, profile and classic. Saturday-CLPA. The awards will be as fine as last year. Please pre-register with CD. (Formerly called the "Bob Shaw Stunt Championship")
2016 Triple Tree CL Stunt Championships
Site: 330 Mary Hanna Rd., Woodruff, SC
Mark Weiss CD PH: (302) 547-4917
May 21, 2016
Sanction #16/418. 1000' grass runway. Camping allowed, no hookups. Electric for charging. Registration 8am, $15 includes lunch. Addition lunch $6.
Fly What You Buy at Joe Nall
Edward Bressman CD PH: 864.356.4373
May 28, 2016
Sanction #16/676. Fly what you bring as long as it is electric. Two runways, one is 40x300 paved and one is 600ft grass. Power for charging and restrooms available. $15 landing fee for pilots which includes lunch. Food and drinks availble for guest & non flyers
All Electric Fly-in
Site: 802 Lockaby Rd, Pendelton, SC
Richard Russell CD PH: 864.847.4203
Site: Piedmont, SC
Part 3 of the Blade Saga. Test flight, crash and rebuild.
Newsletter from May 5, 2016
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