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Using the Tile as an RC "Black Box"
The Tile Product
May 5, 2016
The Tile is a small (approximately 1 square inch in diameter), Bluetooth device that you can place anywhere. Once linked to your phone, it will help you locate any missing device. Place it on your key ring and you can use your phone to locate them in the house by activating the Tile app. It puts out a fairly high frequency sound that my good ears can hear from over 150 feet.

Two weeks ago, I landed my FMS P-51 into the trees. I took about 30 minutes to find. Luckily it was in a bush only 5 feet high.

I had seen devices you could buy to help you locate lost RC aircraft, and I immediately thought of the Tile on my keys. The device costs ~ 25.00, less if you buy in bulk.
Tile Product Website
To test the use as a lost RC aircraft beacon, I placed the Tile into my RC Hawker. It is a foam ARF purchased from Motion RC. I secured it to the interior near the receiver with a twist tie.

Electric planes usually have a large air intake area in the front of the plane, and the Hawker's is very large for size of the craft, making transmission of the Tile's beeping alert easy to hear from a few feet.

I walked about 200 feet from the plane and initiated the Tile App. I was able to hear the beeping from ~150 feet from the front to the place and ~120 feet at ninety degrees (from the side of the plane). From the rear of the plane, I could hear the beep from ~120 feet, as well.

Not only does the Tile beep, the the Tile App opens a map on your phone to show it's location.

The weight of the device is negligible and is small enough for any size aircraft larger than the small park flyers.

Bought a pack of 8 for 120.00 and will place one in each of my aircraft (except for my Small PT-19).
Dynam Hawker Tempest
Hawker's radio compartment
Close up of the Tile placement. I used a twist-tie to attach to the interior.
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