Avery Label/Business Card formats for FAA/AMA #s.
Download and editing Instructions for MS Excel and Word Documents
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Each R/C aircraft between the weight of 0.55 to 55 pounds must now have the owner's name, address, phone #, AMA#, and FAA #. Below are several different file formats using Avery label sizes for templates. These are MS Word documents and MS Excel files that will print from 4 to 30 labels or business cards with the information required.

I have placed these labels/cards in the battery compartment, under the canopies of my R/C warbirds, and on the outside of my Quad. They must be placed within an easily accessible location on or within the aircraft.
For each of the MS Excel documents below, just edit the first set of cells and the remaining cells will populate automatically. These files are macro enabled. You may have to adjust the Macro Security settings to run the Print functions (macros). Otherwise, follow the print instructions on each file.
Description Size   MS Excel Files MS Word Documents 
 Avery Labels      
 Avery 5163 Labels (10/sheet)  2 X 4 in   Avery_5163_E  Avery_5163_W
 Avery 2163 Labels (4/sheet)  2 X 4 in   Avery_2163_E  Avery_2163_W
 Avery 5160 Labels (30/sheet)  1 X 2 5/6 in   Avery_5160_E  Avery_5160_W
 Avery Business Cards      
 Avery 5871 (10/sheet)  2 X 3 1/2 in  Avery_5871_E  Avery_5871_W
 Avery 5881 (8/sheet, print to edge)  2 X 3 1/2 in  Avery_5881_E  Avery_5881_W
Avery Website with directions on how to make labels using MS Word
Click document names below to open MS-Word label templates. Then, follow directions below:
Select the Full page of the same label radio button. Then select the New Document button.
A new document full of labels with the edited information appears on the screen.
From MS-Word, select the text within the first label.
Choose Mailings from the Ribbon Toolbar. Click Labels.
In the next pop-up window, select the Labels tab and edit the information. For some of the larger labels and business cards, I left a line at the first line of the text to make formating easier. If you like, you can select this line and apply the color white using the text color icon on the toolbar or add another line of text such as: "If you find this aircraft, please mail or call using the information below". Wait until the full page of labels with the new information is created before changing the text color. Note that to edit the Phone, AMA and FAA numbers, you may have to use the scroll bar to the right of the window.
Save this file to a location you can remember (usually Documents) and give the file with a unique document name.
Next print the document with the settings shown below. This may require you to use the external document feeder on your printer.
w5160_06s.png windows_print_250.png windows_print_5160_250.png
Manual Printing of 5160 labels using MS Excel
(Click image for larger image)
Manual Printing of 5163 labels using MS Excel
(Click image for larger image)