Finally unpacked the box and put this together. It took all of 25 minutes, to include installation of the GoPro (although, it took me a little over an hour to figure out where I left my GoPro Hero). I did use the enclosed charger for the first battery charge and, as promised, it took over 45 minutes to charge/ balance the LiPo battery.

The manual was of some help in construction, but was a little more confusing when setting up the quad with my DX- 9 radio. So, I turned to YouTube and searched for videos on the QX3 and my Spektrum DX-9.

I found 16 videos on the QX3. Below are links to specific videos, but if you want to see the whole batch from Blade Helis. Click the first link:



Plane of the Week December 20, 2015
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350 QX3 BNF with SAFEŽ Technology - Bind-N-Fly - Part 2
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 1.  Link to entire group of videos (19 total) 
 2. Unboxing the Blade QX3
 3. Setup Radio-DX-9 (Programming)
 4. Binding
 5. Accelerator Calibration
 6. Pressure Sensor Calibration
 7. Compass Calibration
 8.  Mode Selection
Below are some thumbnails and notes of the construction process..........
Next time we'll have the flight review and more information on the PC Interface
Opening the box. Power supply and charger GoPro mount and goodies Extra Props
Construction of the GoPro mount was somewhat difficult. You had to fit these rubber cushion thingies into the holes of one of the plastic pieces. One of the videos above said you could just twist them in. I used one of the allen wrenches to start the insertion, then twisted them in. Wasn't too difficult for the first half but it was much more challenging for the second piece. I first experimented with placing the four screws in first, then trying to force the rubber part through the hole. Luckily, the manufacturer guessed we might get the orientation wrong, so they labeled each of the two pieces with "Front". I ended up using the allen wrench to poked the rubber piece through the hole. Did not appear to damage them.
I ended up inserting the screws from the GoPro side and, using that same friendly allen wrench, screwed the mount into the body. Noted that one of the mounting holes was deeper and one of the male screw holders??? was a little larger. Another attempt from the manufacturer to make sure I got it right. Actually worked!
I had one of the older, less expensive GoPros. I removed the mount, leaving the camera in the case and used it instead of the included GoPro mount. Looked weather proof and provided a little more protection. Next, you see a top and bottom shot of the QX3. I'm pretty sure the cable was to control the camera, but it think I can set the video manually before flight. Finally, you see the camera mounted. Looks like the video will come out upside down, but should be easily edited to the right orientation.
The battery compartment can be opened once the GPS mast is extended. Fits pretty snuggly.
Part 3-Flight Testing