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Informal Fly-In at LARKS West
Winter flying in South Carolina!
A few of us showed up at Larks West on Sunday 12/6/2015. We even had a quadcopter make an appearance, but unfortunately we didn't see it make a flight. There were about 2 dozen + planes flying.

We had a twin experimental electric ducted fan, James Duke had his electric Habu, recovered in aluminum mylar, plus a host of prop driven jets.

There were trainers, 3-D electric and gas, 3 scale T-28 Trojans, one twin prop Dynam Grand Cruiser, and a powered glider, as well as a P-51 Mustang.

There was even 3 generations of the Jones' at the field. A great time was had by all!
Three generations!
lw_12_6_dave1_250.jpg lw_12_6_derek1_250.jpg lw_12_6_fleet_experimental_stealth_jets_250.jpg lw_12_6_james_duke1_250.jpg lw_12_6_jimmy_rhodes2_250.jpg lw_12_6_jimmy_rhodes3_250.jpg lw_12_6_matt_wheeler1_250.jpg
How about these for a contrast in size! On the left is Matt Wheeler's behemoth and on the right is Jimmy Rhodes' tiny Pitts Special
Dave's Sig Kadet Sr. Sport with James' Extreme Flight MXS in the background
Derek and Wayne critiquing our flying skills
Three Experimental designs!
Derek brought his electric twin Grand Cruiser
James' Kalahari Hobbies
Jimmy Rhodes prepping his Chipmunk
lw_12_6_steve_livingstong2_250.jpg lw_12_6_wayne_york1_250.jpg lw_12_6_will_jones4_250.jpg lw_12_6_steve_livingston1_250.jpg lw_12_6_will_jones1_250.jpg
Will Jones dazzled us with his prowess flying aTwisted Hobbies F-22
Steve Livingston flew his Precision Aerobatics Addiction
Wayne readying his E-flite UMX Radian for flight
Steve Barber shows off his E-flite P-51. He said it flies like a trainer. Very stable yet acrobatic.