Beta Test of New Software from FAA/AMA
Note from Steve
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Hi All,

I was chosen as a beta tester for some new software the FAA is testing along with the AMA. This software looks at airports, heli ports, etc. from your cell phone and tells you if you're in an area that requires you to contact the airport manager and or tower before you fly.

At first glance I thought "wow cool idea"! After booting it up in Irmo I found a warning to contact two airport managers. I thought what the he11, I'm no where near 5 miles of an airport. Oh yes I am according to the FAA, I'm within five miles of the SLED and Lexington Medical Center heli pads. To be lawful I'm to contact each of them and file a flight plan. This plan includes:
Max altitude
Time my flying will start and end
How far down range I will be flying

This kind of upset me, now big brother is taking a super hard look at model aviation, I'm not thrilled about that.
I took it upon myself to contact a few people at the AMA. Upon my discussions today I found out something else that is being considered and or talked about.

There are several companies including NASA looking at low level telemetry data much like a transponder on a full scale aircraft. It would report your models position and altitude. It made me think...
What if a flew 404 feet in altitude?
What if I crossed a controlled airspace briefly?
Although this article is written about commercial drones I was told the RC Hobbyist has been discussed as well.

The purpose of this email is not to scare anyone from flying, it is to make you aware of possible changes to the hobby we know. To have each one of you to be responsible in educating all newbies at our field, neighboring fields, or if you just happen to see someone at a ballpark, soccer field, etc. that is flying in an unsafe manner.
If we don't help ourselves Big Brother will :(
Please help our hobby!
Steve L