Bought this one from Horizon as a birthday gift from my wife. Guess you could say she allowed me to buy the thing. For Christmas, I'd gotten a GoPro from Santa, so I figured this was the perfect match. It requires a 5+ channel Spectrum DSM2/DSMX transmitter, so my Spectrum 9 Channel had a lot to do with the selection.

This Quad includes Advanced SAFE Technology, GPS/Altitude hold, Return Home function, and a host of other features. From one of the YouTube reviews, I found that one of the manuals was only available as a download (see below). Comes with an E-Flight 3000 mAh, 11.1 Volt LiPo and charger, (but I plan on using my HiTEC X4 charger) .

I did notice that Horizon now includes a notice to the user to become familiar with national and local laws regarding operation of the Quad.

The feature that has me most interested is the PC programming interface. The software is supposed to allow more precise calibration and setting adjustment with four screens:

            Sensor Information
            Calibration Screen

            GPS Screen

            Device Information

As I familiarize myself with these functions, I'll report updates. Time to open the box.........




Plane of the Week November 5, 2015
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