Plane of the Week October 21, 2015
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Freewing ME-262 from Motion RC
Motion RC offers the most intriguing fighter of WWII, the Messerschmitt Me-262 of Nazi Germany. This twin engine jet was not the first of it's kind, but it was the most important of the jet fighters of the time. It ushered in the age of the jet aircraft. Design started before WWII, but because of the dominance of the Luftwaffe in the early years of the war, real work on the project didn't really ramp up until after the "Battle of Britain". Because it arrived late in the war, its impact was negligible. Still, for its time, this was a design masterpiece. It also pioneered the use of swept back wings. Captured Me-262s were studied and lead to a number of post-war designs in the US.

This 6 channel version of the jet features shock absorbing retractable tricycle landing gear (changed from the original taildragger, learned something new!) and split flaps. Twin 70 mm EDF's provide the power for up to 100 MPH speeds. The 59 inch wingspan plane weighs ~ 6.5 lbs and the PNP version sells for $389.00 (SKU : FJ3041P)

I love the WWII warbirds, and this it at the top of my wishlist for EDF RC.


YouTube video -Motion RC's Me-262 (flight demo and info)
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YouTube video -Wings of the Luftwaffe-Me262- Swallow
Motion RC