Plane of the Week September 19, 2015
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Maxford Gee Bee Model E
Maxford first offered this ARF in 2013. It even graced the cover of Model Aviation June 2013

I admit this little baby is still pretty much unassembled. I did make the mistake many of us make: I thought I knew better than the manufacturer what size to put in the plane. It's a little too small for a 40 sized electric. Did find a Firepower sport 25 from Heads UP RC that fit within the cowl. Requires mini-servos for the 4 channel setup (4 servos and a 60 watt ESC). Hope to finish it this fall/winter.

I've always had a yearning for my own Gee Bee, and I believe the E is the prettiest of the bunch, even if only four of the racers were ever built in 1931. This one also has the distinction of being the model in which Zantford Granville was killed in February 1934 while attempting to land after an engine failure while avoiding people working on the runway below in Spartanburg, SC. All four eventually crashed, hopefully mine will have better luck.

Reviews of the plane have been excellent, but some of the construction has been a little difficult for these old eyes and arthritic hands. Maxford has a new Gee Gee giant scale on backorder. Should be a little easier to work on.

When completed it should sport a Spectrum AS3X 6 channel receiver. This one has 3 axis stabilization which should help this 59 inch taildragger get off the ground.

For those of you interested in more information:

Maxford USA
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Transmitter: Spectrum 9 Channel
Receiver: Spectrum AS3X 6 channel
Motor: Firepower Sport 25