Plane of the Week August 26, 2015
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FMS 1400mm (55") Junkers JU-87 or "Stuka"
This WWII German dive bomber (or Sturzkampfflugzeug) has long been a favorite of mine. It was not the greatest of the German warplanes, but perhaps one of the most recognizable. Beginning its service in the Spanish Civil War, it was used on all fronts and even though the ground attack versions of the FW- 190 became more prevalent in the last years of the war, it was still in use when WWII ended in 1945.

The Stuka was instrumental in the blitzkrieg victories of 19391942, but as time wore on, it's vulnerabilities became apparent. It required fighter escorts to operate in theater. For many years it continued to be the primary ground attack weapon from the air, if only because there was no other option.

This FMS Version was purchased from Motion RC and was my first WWII plane. Featuring durable EPO foam construction and a 13-9 three blade propeller, it looks great!

Steve Livingston helped me get it up for its first flight (and landing). Multi-segemented flaps are fuctional. The taildragger configuration works well on our grass field. It requires a lot of attention taxiing to take off, but takes to the air fairly quickly. Once again, I use the Spectrum 9 channel transmitter and a Dymond 9 channel receiver for guidance (plane is receiver ready). Even for a born-again beginner, the plane was docile, yet responsive. I've gotten only 4 flights so far, but the plane has no noticeable damage. My next upgrade is to replace the receiver with Spectrum's AS3X 9 channel, when it becomes available.
Motion RC
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For those of you interested in more information:
Transmitter: Spectrum 9 Channel
Receiver: Spectrum AS3X 9 channel
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