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Abell Hobby        07/02/2018
Academy of Model Aeronautics  
 AMA-World's largest model aviation association, representing a membership of more than
195,000 from every walk of life, income level and age group. Self-supporting, non-profit
organization whose purpose is to promote development of model aviation as a recognized
sport and worthwhile recreation activity.
Aircraft Modelers Research  
 Aircraft Modeler's Research inc. (AMR) is a major Canadian Hobby Shop and a
manufacturer of airplane kits to be assembled.
Agape Racing and Hobby, LLC  
 Agape Racing and Hobby, LLC is a Mechanicsville, VA (near Richmond, VA) based
Christian company that specializes in giant scale gasoline R/C engines, ignition systems,
parts, and related R/C parts and accessories.
A Main Hobbies    AMain Hobbies offers a wide selection of RC Planes, RC Helicopters, Drones, and RC Cars/Trucks   07/02/2018
Balsa USA    They concentrate on selling R/C model kits, balsa, aircraft grade plywood, and other specialty
woods primarily related to the hobby industry.
B&E Graphics  
 Complete graphics packages, plane wrappers, logos, lettering, etc
Bob Violett Models  
 BVM-Established in 1981, BVM has emerged as a world leader in the design,
development and manufacture of radio controlled jet model airplanes
Boca Bearing    RC Engine Bearing Maintenance and Installation   07/02/2018
Cal Grafx  
 Insignias, lettering, logos, scale rivets, scale graphics
Callie Graphics    They do custom graphic artwork, can take your graphic files (Corel, Adobe, and other graphic
files) and make decals, very reasonable cost.
CARF-Models airplanes combine great designs and quality materials with professional
prefabrication and the very best in flying characteristics.  
Castle Creations  
 Castle Creations has become one of the world's largest manufacturers of electronic
speed controls by combining state-of-the-art technologies with high volume manufacturing.
Chief Aircraft-East Coast    Specializing on the big ones, turbines, Pilot, Krill, Hanger 9, and RC Guys planes.   07/02/2018
Chief Aircraft-West Coast    Grants Pass Airport
 1301 Brookside Blvd. - Grants Pass, OR 97526
 West Coast Store: Mon-Fri 7am-5pm Pacific Standard Time
Curtis Youngbood    Visionary UAV Designs, RC Helicopter parts, mufflers, and gyros   07/02/2018
Desert Aircraft Engines  
 DA-Desert Aircraft is the industry leader in giant scale model airplane engines.
They design, build, and service engines at their Tucson Arizona factory.
DLE Engines    Gasoline engines with electronic ignition and mufflers. 2 year limited warranty   07/02/2018
Dreamworks Model Products    RC Jets, turbines, oils and lubrications, EDF Fans and motors   07/02/2018
Drone Events and Resources   My Dear Drone:  Drone terminology, laws, education, events, resources, and reviews.   07/02/2018
 Drone information, regulation information, reviews and everything you need to know about
multirotor aircraft.
 They sell all DJI™ drone models at, the LARGEST DJI™ AUTHORIZED
DEALER in the USA. Repair store in Miami, FL. Fixed my Phantom 4's radio for a fair price.
 RC Airplane, Car and Truck, Boat, and multi-rotor products. Tools, adhesives, fasteners, and
 video demos.
Duralite Flight Systems    Onboard flight electronics systems   07/02/2018
eHobbyHouse    Formerly Heli Hobby. RC Surface, Drones, Planes, Helicopters, parts and accessories.   07/02/2018
Evolution Engines  
 Horizon Hobby's selection of RC gas and glow engines, to include a 7-cylinder 4 stroke glow
radial  engine
Extreme Flight    Home to Extreme Flight, 3D Hobby Shop, Legacy Aviation and Aces High RC ARF's   07/02/2018
Flying Giants  
  Provides thethe aeromodeling enthusiast with the latest and up to the minute information about
what’s going on in the hobby, with regards to the big 'uns. Classifieds, News, and Forums.
Fromeco Scale Avionics    Electronic goodies: batteries, switches, and regulators   07/02/2018
Futaba Radio Control Systems    Air and Surface Radio Systems, transmitters, receivers, servos, etc   07/02/2018
Great Planes  
 Flight Simulators, ARF and kits of scale RC, Sailplanes, accessories. Nitro, electric and
gas, park fliers to 1/4 scale.
HiTec/Multiplex    Servos, planes, chargers and accessories   07/02/2018
Hobby Lobby     No RC specific stuff, but lots of tools (blades, weights, magnets, etc) to help your building projects   07/02/2018
HobbyKing    Planes, trains and automobiles, drones, 3D printers, batteries, huge inventory  
Horizon Hobby    Spektrum radios, RC everything, tools, accessories. Now includes Hobbico's RC brands.   07/02/2018
International Miniature Aerobatic Club  
 IMAC National club with over 600 members world-wide, organization's goal be to facilitate,
promote, and further realism in radio controlled Scale Aerobatics
Jet Cat Americas    Turbines, accessories for your jet needs. Sold through Dreamworks RC   07/02/2018
Jet Pilots Organization  
 Special Interest Group (SIG) for the jet modeling community within the Academy of Model
Aeronautics. The primary purpose of the JPO is to promote and protect the hobby of RC jet modeling.
JR Americas    JR Radios, servos, receivers, telemetry, Sebart RC aircraft, electric motors, and ESCs.   07/02/2018
JTEC Radiowave    Radios, airplane kits, exhaust systems, wing bags, and accessories   07/02/2018
MAXX Products    RC Hobby products, ducted fans, contra rotating motors, Multiplex kits, connectors, gear boxes,etc   07/02/2018
McMaster-Carr    Fasteners, screws, nuts and bolts, soldering equipment, assorted tools    07/02/2018
Morgan Fuels     Glow model engine fuel. The Number 1 Selling Castor/Synthetic Fuel Brand in the World.    07/02/2018
Nitro Planes is a online retail and mail order supplier of radio remote controlled aircrafts,
serving the most enthusiastic RC airplane fans since 1999
Ohio Model Products  
 OMP-To be purchased by Sunnysky USA. Still some plane parts. New site to come
OS Engines    Now owned by Horizon, these are 2 and 4 cycle gas and glow engines for aircraft and surface
vehicles. Accessories, glow plugs, and some brushless electric motors for helicopters.
PSP Manufacturing     Turn your water bottle into a gas tank. Text stands, prop drill guides, filters, and servo trays.   07/02/2018
RC Accessory    Batteries, chargers, connectors, balance accessories, and wiring products   07/02/2018
RC Groups    Forms for just about every RC type and project. Join and connect!   07/02/2018
RC Universe    Forums, classifieds, user reviews, news, and how-to articles.   07/02/2018
RC Guys    Beautiful, large scale RC aircraft out of Canada. You can also find them at Chief Aircraft   07/02/2018
Redwing RC    Transitioning to a new owner. Engines, aircraft and electric power systems   07/02/2018
Robart    THE place for retracts, but they also carry many other products from control hinges to Zap glue.   07/02/2018
Roto Flow (JL Products)    Fuel tanks and systems    07/02/2018
RTL Fasteners    Every fastener, bolts, screws and the tools you'll ever need   07/02/2018
Run Ryder RC    Aircraft, Surface Craft, Drone Helicopter communities and forums   07/02/2018
Saito Engines    4-cycle engines. Also found on most of the major RC websites.   07/02/2018
Saito Engine Information    Written by Saito users, founded to help new users of Saito engines.   07/02/2018
ServoCity    Servos and parts   07/02/2018
Smart Fly    Batteries, switches, regulators, connectors and flight packs.   07/02/2018
 Air and surface radios, receivers, servos, telemetry, etc. The radio you're most likely to find
 at the field.
Sullivan Products    Hardware, fuel systems, motor mounts, smoke systems, and just about any accessory you need.   07/02/2018
Super Tigre Engines    Glow engines, electric power and systems, adapters and connectors  07/02/2018 
SWB Manufacturing     Aluminum  servo arms, servo trays, wire tensioners, pull wire, self-adjusting servo trays   07/02/2018
The Profile Brotherhood  
 Forums, chats, and message boards, RC style
TNT Landing Gear Products    Specializing in producing the finest in replacement landing gear. If they don't have it, they can make
it in 14 business days!
Tower Hobbies  
 Still there, now owned by Horizon. They carry nearly every thing RC related from planes to off-road
RC buggies, cars and trucks.
White Rose Engineering    Tail wheels, main gear wheels and axles, now weigh washers, servo trays and engine accessories   07/02/2018
Wing Tote    If you want to protect your investment, this is the place.   07/02/2018
YS Engines    2 and 4 cycle engines for planes and helicopters   07/02/2018
Zenoah Engines    Large gasoline engines for large planes, cars and boats   07/02/2018
Local Hobby Shops       
 Just moved. Now at 326 St. Andrews, Columbia. Across from Ollie's in the White Hall Shopping Center.
Upgraded the store with an indoor carpet track for RC Race Cars. Climate controlled track!
HobbyTown-Augusta    Just across the border into GA. Lots of RC related stuff!   07/02/2018
CJ's Hobby-Lake City  
 On Facebook, but you best bet it to call them at 843-687-5665. One of the best places to get your next
flying machine.
Hobby Stop -Rock Hill  
 These guys 3 RC car race tracks (a concrete banked oval for cars, a dirt track with jumps
and a touring track). They also have a large supply of RC aircraft, paint, and accessories.
Pelion RC    Flex Innovations, repairs, and racing quads