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LARKS By Laws (PDF) - Revised October 2019
LARKS Field Rules (PDF)
AMA Safety Code (PDF)
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2020 LARKS Membership Application (PDF)
2020 LARKS East Membership Application (PDF)
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  These rules supplement the required AMA Safety Code of January 1, 2014.
1. The club FREQUENCY CONTROL plan (pin board) will be in force at all times. Flight or maintenance
(requiring transmitter use) is not allowed unless the correct frequency pin is attached to the transmitter.
2. All transmitters must be placed in the IMPOUND AREA except during flight or maintenance.
3. The AMA Safety Code will be displayed when the field is open for flying. 
4. Compliance with the AMA and Club rules is the responsibility of each participant. 
5. Each pilot must hold a current AMA membership card. Pilots must verify current AMA membership upon the
request of any other pilot. 
6. The shelter may not be used as a pit area. 
7. First-time flights for new or repaired aircraft will NOT occur during peak attendance periods.   Prior to takeoff
the pilot shall announce “FIRST FLIGHT” to alert others at the field.
8. Engine testing and break-in is to be performed north of the last pilot station.
9. Children are permitted beyond the spectator area only under DIRECT SUPERVISION of an adult. 
1. Only pilots, students and assistants are allowed on the flight line.
2. Effective mufflers are required on all models, except for electrics. 
3. Taxiing in the pit area is prohibited.
4. Deliberate flying behind the flight line is prohibited.
5. Landing towards the pilot stations or the pit area is prohibited.
6. Pilots shall announce taking offs, landings, and emergency situations. 
7. Once a pattern is established, all aircraft shall take off in the same general direction.  If wind changes dictate a
change in the traffic pattern, the first to observe the need to change will announce the pattern change.  Announce
any deviation from the traffic pattern.
8. Helicopter, quad-copter and 3-D aircraft shall not interfere with pattern traffic. 
9. Models will yield right-of-way to full-size aircraft, INCLUDING BIRDS.
10. Flight operations will stop during electrical storms.
11. Pilots or helpers shall go onto the runway only after shouting “On the Runway”. This shall be done only to
perform takeoff corrections or to retrieve a disabled aircraft from the runway.
12. A maximum of five aircraft are allowed in the air at one time. Pilots are encouraged to use one of the five pilot
stations for protection from taxing aircraft. 
13. It is always safer and a lot more fun to fly with a friend.   In the event of an emergency, the “911” address of
the LARKS flying field is
1347 Cedar Creek Road, Pelion, SC.
14. If a pilot disregards the above Safety/Operational Rules or flies in an unsafe manner a formal warning may
be issued by any LARKS Officer. A pilot who continues to disregard the warnings can have his/her LARKS
membership revoked by a majority vote of the elected LARKS Officers
2020 LARKS East Annual Waiver (PDF)