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 The LARKS RC Club does not allow the use of drugs or alcohol at any of our flying fields, events, or contests. We encourage a clean family enviorment for the purpose of learning and experiencing the fun of model aviation.

The flying of RC models can inflict severe bodily damage which may also cause death. Motorized models are not toys!

Save your alcohol consumption for the times you are not operating any potentially dangerous toys or equipment including but not limited to motorized vehicles.

Please Be Responsible!
LARKS Alcohol Policy
Larks East Owner Liability Waiver(must be signed and on file, good for one year Jan. 1st to December 31st)
Larks Open Application (this is for our main field which includes membership to the other two fields)
Larks East Application
Join the AMA (Website Link)
LARKS Applications for Membership (PDF)
Welcome New Pilots,

Please print the following documents. It is two of the same form and they both must be completed and presented to your Larks Instructor before your first training flight. Feel free to ask your instructor any questions you may have.

You must be an AMA member and a LARKS member. We will require that a release from damages be signed (form below) as there isn't an instructor that can guarantee a crash will not occur. Buddy box flying will greatly decrease the probability of a crash and/or injury. If you have a simulator please spend time flying it!

See you at the field,
Your Larks Flight Instructors
Instructor's Release
Instructor's Release forms (PDF)
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