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 Dictionary of RC Jargon PDF file from Tower Hobbies
 Getting Started with Airplanes PDF file from Tower Hobbies
 Gas Engine Tuning Tips PDF from Flying Giants
 DA50 Drill Template PDF template from Flying Giants
 DA100 & DA120 Drill Templates PDF template - Member submitted
 Saito Tuning Tips Final tuning, after engine has been run rich for break-in. From RC Profile Brotherhood
 Glow Engine Suggested Prop Sizes Two and 4 stroke prop sizes (origin unknown)
 Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Batteries  A free educational website that offers hands-on battery information.
 Battery/ESC Connectors Website: What is the actual purpose of an electrical connector? History and more!
 RC Airplane World Website: Cutting through the complicated stuff and introducing beginners to the hobby.
 Determine CG for Flying Wings Website: Flying Wing CG Calculator
 Program to Calculate Wing Loading PDF File
 CG Your Plane PDF File
 Flaperon Setup  PDF File
 Printable Protractor PDF File
 Surviving Joe Nall (2015) From Giant Scale News
These are articles that were submitted or found on the web. They appear to be good advice, but we take no responsibility for these tips in any way.
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