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February 2021
E-flite's P-51D Mustang 1.2m BNF Basic with AS3X and SAFE Select
My old E-flite P-51 had one too many hard landings on the runway. The right retract buckled and tore out a large hunk of the wing. I thought I could fix it, but I must have left a sizeable piece at the field. Tried to find a replacement wing (ain't one), but gave up and bought E-flite's new version. (I was also hoping the new wing would fit on the old fuse, Nope!)

The new version ($279.99 from Horizon) is supposed to be the same size (1200 mm wingspan), but seems a little larger. No glue is required for construction, no tape is required to hold the horizontal stab in place, and the motor seems a little more powerful. I did have some CG issues on the trim flight (a little tail heavy) and moved it back about another inch. It has the same problem as the previous Mustang, nosing over at the end of a flight, especially in longer grass. Cost me two props so far. I'm going to replace them with something other than plastic, as soon as I can find a fiberglass 4 blade.

Some features include:
Horizon Hobby
• AS3X technology (I opted to bypass the Safe settings) makes it a smooth flyer, even in 10 MPH cross winds
• 40 Amp ESC allows the use of 4 Cell batteries (I'm using 4S 3500 batteries from Roaring Top). I tried 2200 mAh batteries, but the extra weight of the 3500 fixed the CG issue. 6 minutes of;flight time leaves over 60% capacity. Tried with 3S-3300, and it flew fine, just slower.

• Flaps work great and can make landings very gentle, but with the higher winds we've sometimes experienced, landings with the flaps up worked well. Mid level (takeoff) flaps settings with get this bird in the air quickly.

• Not really an acrobatic plane, but it will do the basic's well. Estimated speed with the above battery in the 70 MPH range.
•It came with two drop tanks, but I haven't had them on for a flight, yet.

•Finally, this P-51 looks good on the ground or in the air!