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AMA Update on FAA Remote ID Proposal
" In 2016 the FAA announced plans to remotely track unmanned aircraft. On December 26, 2019, the FAA published its proposed rule on remote identification in the Federal Register. This is a proposed rule, not a final rule. Please continue to monitor AMA communication because we will likely encourage members to participate in the rulemaking process to comment and shape the final rule."
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January 2020
AMA Podcast - Episode 16 - FAA Update with Government Affairs Director
FAA-Recreational Flyers & Modeler Community-Based Organizations
"The week of January 13, the Government Affairs team traveled to Washington, DC to address AMA’s concerns with the proposed Remote ID rule. AMA met with multiple congressional offices to discuss the impact the proposed rule would have on all aspects of the hobby. We were able to share our community’s concerns regarding the NPRM and gained support from many on Capitol Hill."
Government Affairs Update 1/20/2020
From the AMA-Government Blog:-February 20, 2020

  "Several AMA members, hobbyists, and retailers have created videos to educate the general public on the benefits of model aviation and how the proposed rule will prove to be detrimental to us. You can view these videos below. Thank you for lending your voice to this important issue facing our community. "
Model Aviation Enthusiasts Advocate Against Remote ID
February 2020
September 2020
The AMA Government Affairs team continues advocating for a commonsense solution to Remote ID. The most recent effort AMA organized was a joint industry letter with EAA, AOPA, and Google’s sister company, Wing, urging the FAA to make essential changes to the proposed rule for Remote ID. The joint industry letter can be read here. AMA’s Government Affairs Director, Tyler Dobbs, was recently on the AMA podcast discussing the joint industry letter and Remote ID.
AMA Government Affairs Fall 2020 Update
August 2020
"AMA recently met with the White House National Economic Council regarding a proposed executive order on foreign-made UAS and the FAA’s proposed rule on Remote ID. The proposed executive order that has been drafted by President Trump’s administration, if signed, would ban the federal government’s use of foreign-made UAS, including model aircraft."
Government Affairs Update 09/13/2020
FAA Makes LAANC Available at 133 Additional ATC FacilitiesSeptember 24, 2020Today the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced it has expanded the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) system to include an additional 133 air traffic control (ATC) facilities. The LAANC system allows drone pilots to obtain near real-time airspace authorizations if the user intends to fly below certain pre-approved altitudes in controlled airspace. Without LAANC, pilots are forced to obtain the necessary authorization through a slower FAA process which can take up to 90 days. The announcement means LAANC is now accessible at 537 ATC facilities covering 726 airports and 81 percent of eligible airspace.FAA has published a list of all airports covered by LAANC as of today.LAANC has become increasingly important for the drone and airport communities. In July 2019, FAA made the system available to recreational drone users, eliminating the need for them to contact and notify the airport prior to operating in controlled airspace. FAA has slowly been adding more airports and ATC facilities where the system is accessible. AAAE continues to urge FAA to expand LAANC to all eligible facilities, including all contract tower airports, and provide airports with access to LAANC data to improve their ability to respond to potential unauthorized or nefarious drone use around the airport.
Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC)
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