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Weather was great for our ribbon cutting. A great time was had by all; we cooked 24 cheeseburgers, over 30 hot dogs, drank three cases of soda and bottled water, and best of all, got to watch some great flying with only a couple of mishaps. We had one Turbine Jet, several EDF (electric ducted fan) Jets, 3-D flying, foamies, scale aircraft, and one quad-copter..........
Click the thumbnails for 1024 sized (approx.) photos.
Grand Opening - November 4, 2017
2017-go-250-go1.jpg 2017-go-250-go2.jpg 2017-go-250-go3.jpg 2017-go-250-go4.jpg 2017-go-250-go5.jpg 2017-go-250-go6.jpg 2017-go-250-go7.jpg 2017-go-250-go8.jpg 2017-go-250-go9.jpg 2017-go-250-go10.jpg 2017-go-250-go11.jpg 2017-go-250-go-11.jpg 2017-go-250-go-12.jpg 2017-go-250-go-13.jpg 2017-go-250-go-14.jpg cook_250.jpg ribbon_cutting_250.jpg
December 3, 2017 (Photos and Video)
2017-larks-west-2503.jpg 2017-larks-west-25010.jpg 2017-larks-west-25014.jpg 2017-larks-west-25016.jpg 2017-larks-west-25018.jpg 2017-larks-west-25019.jpg
Will doing his 3D Thing (click for YouTube viedo)
will-3d.jpg don_video2.jpg
Don showing us his 3D moves (click for YouTube viedo)
Click image above for YouTube Clip
Spring (March/April) 2018 (Photos and Video)
larkswest2018-01_250.jpg larkswest2018-02_250.jpg larkswest2018-03_250.jpg larkswest2018-04_250.jpg larkswest2018-05_250.jpg larkswest2018-06_250.jpg larkswest2018-07_250.jpg larkswest2018-08_250.jpg larkswest2018-09_250.jpg larkswest2018-10_250.jpg larks1003012.jpg larkswest2018-12_250.jpg larkswest2018-12a_250.jpg
Photos by Paul Bergstrand
Aftermath of Storm on June 25th
Storm came through and broke off tree limbs, knocked over the port-a-john, blew over the flight stations, knocked over the trash cans. and even deposited one of our chairs in the cornfield. Glad none of us were at the field when the storm hit! James thought maybe a small twister visited our field!!!!!
Touch and Go Video by Rusty Day
Weather was great early on, and so was the flying. Food included BBQ chicken, Buffalo Hot Wings, beans cooked in a solar oven, fruit, chips, and fresh baked cookies for desert. A great time was had by all!
Assorted photos from LARKS West Field Summer and Fall 2018
img_4559_250.jpg lw15-250.jpg lw12-250.jpg lw5-250.jpg lw4-250.jpg lw7-250.jpg lw16-250.jpg lw18-250.jpg lw11-250.jpg lw1-250.jpg larks1003010.jpg image7-250.jpg image8-250.jpg larks1003009.jpg larks1003008.jpg larks1003007.jpg larks1003006.jpg larks1003005.jpg larks1003004.jpg larks1003003.jpg larks1003002.jpg larks1003001.jpg img_5783-250.jpg img_20190323_120044-250.jpg
Assorted photos from LARKS West Field March 2019
Assorted photos from LARKS West Field May-June 2019
c5-galaxy_flyover-250.jpg james1_250.jpg may-2019-1_250.jpg may-2019-2_250.jpg larks_west_spring_cook-out_250.jpg
Assorted photos from LARKS West Field July 2019
dji_0131-250.jpg dji_0133-250.jpg dji_0135-250.jpg dji_0767-250.jpg img_6582-250.jpg img_6585-250.jpg img_6586-250.jpg img_6598-250.jpg img_6599-250.jpg img_6747-250.jpg img_6752-250.jpg img_6756-250.jpg img_6759-250.jpg img_6762-250.jpg
Assorted videos from LARKS West Field June 2019
YouTube Video-Slow Ride at LARKS West
YouTube Video-Wayne York at LARKS West
Assorted photos from LARKS West Field June 2019
image1-250.png image2-250.png image6-250.png image7-250.png image8-250.png image12-250.png image14-250.png image17-250.png image19-250.png image21-250.png image30-250.png image31-250.png img_6856-250.jpg mimage16-250_-_copy.png mimage17-250_-_copy.png mimage20-250_-_copy.png mimage13-250_-_copy.png
Aerial Photos Taken with Mobius Camera on Eluna
Assorted photos from LARKS West Field August 2019
img-6912-250.jpg img-6914-250.jpg img-6918-250.jpg img-6919-250.jpg img-6930-250.jpg p-38-1_250.jpg p-38-2_250.jpg dan_bucklin_250.jpg
Video from LARKS West Field August 2019
YouTube Video from the Pelion Field-August 2019